I am Poznan based UI, UX and an illustrator.

I graduated the University of Arts in Poznań where I received a thorough education as a graphic designer and an illustrator. My journey began with international Microsoft Imagine Cup contest. My team qualified for the Imagine Cup World Finals in Egypt after winning first place at the national competition in Poland. We succeeded in 4th place during World Finals. I’ve learned a lot back then – how to prepare a winning presentation, what is important while working as a team and most importantly – how to build an application from a concept to a finished product. It was a lifetime experience for me and a intro to my professional career as a graphic designer. Since then I have been working on several apps. Most of them was commissioned by The City of Warsaw and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and had educational or social content.

In 2014 I had a great opportunity to join Caped Koala Studio, Ireland based game developer. We worked on Pora Ora project- big universe which contains smaller educational games for kids, also available as an independent apps. I could use my experience by creating concept art, logo of a new products, icons, UI, character design, texture painting, level design, promo images – both web and print, website design and presentations. The most difficult but at the same time most rewarding task was to make sure that every element is consistent with a visual identification.

In 2015 I started working for Sentaca Solution – software development company. New team and brand new possibilities – it enabled me to work on quite different project – Internet of Things platform. It was an interesting project and completely distant from what I did earlier in my career. My main task was to create UI for two products, both desktop and mobile, but also websites design, illustrations and multiple presentations. Lately I was to create concept and demo for an educational game commissioned by Oaklands College. Now I’m working with Atomic Jelly studio as an illustrator.
Most of the projects I took part in had genuine educational and social content. These games help children to learn, tourists to find way in a new city, apps for the local community and projects for the universities.

At TT I’ve created three different visual identities for the our new products. My field of expertise is interface design, interaction design, information architecture, prototiping, survey design and from time to time user and customer interviews. On a daily basis we work in a scrum. Over the years I have been involved in various projects. In some of them I am a main designer, in others I work as a consultant or support. I use Adobe XD, Hot Jar and Google Analitics on a daily basis. I am a student of a SWPS University and in my free time I learn 3d sculpting in Zbrush.

The areas I’m interested in are: UX research, accessibility, inclusivity, voice interfaces, vr interfaces, game design for kids, animation, illustration, concept art, character design, modeling, calligraphy and climbing.